LoopLine Cord (82 Feet)
LoopLine Cord (82 Feet)

LoopLine Cord (82 Feet)

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LoopLine Cord (82 Feet)


LoopLine is a game changer product with many applications, it is frequently used to achieve seamless two-inch loops, LoopLine can be easily trimmed using scissors. Its user-friendly design allows you to count loops.

Simply loop the ends around your item, ensuring a consistently level placement without any frustration. LoopLine streamlines the process, saving you valuable time and effort.

No knots to tie, simply loop the line back through itself for a quick, simple and secure connection that allows for easy removal and reuse.

If you need to hang any decoration items at the same level, just use the same amount of loops per item.

It is also very useful, for helium stringed balloons (letters or latex), as it is easy to keep the same distance between balloons.


  • Tensile strength 25 pounds (11.34 kg)
  • No special tools required, cut with scissors
  • Made from fire resistant, self extinguishing polymers.
  • Infused with UV inhibitor, will not discolor from exposure to sunlight
  • Will not weaken, crack or break over time
  • Each spool weighs .094 pounds
  • Spool size 2.125 inches in diameter x 2.25 inches high